Portugal Sou Eu

“Portugal It’s Me” it’s a program that promotes national production and consumption of portuguese products or services.

We produced their Christmas TV campaign with the creativity from the agency OPAL. The motto for this commercial is “Believing in Portugal starts with me” and the goal is to encourage portuguese people to buy national Christmas presents with Portugal Sou Eu label.

Watch the making-of where.




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Zippy has style!

We produced the Zippy’s TV spot and web commercial campaign to show the new collection for the Spring/Summer season, of this children’s clothing brand Sonae.

The creativity is from the agency Born with the theme “the new Zippy collection has more style”.

On the video, children are having fun on the set, playing with paper masks and toys, showing the new collection full of prints and happy colors.



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Sandeman, 225 years

Sandeman released a Porto’s Wine special edition with the packaging allusive to the brand’s history and FilmesDaMente was invited to produce the videos: The Word; The Spirit; The Journey; The Craft; The Pioneer; The Hat & Cape.

This “time travel” was told in six different parts by George Sandeman, the 7º descendent of the founder. The videos were released in different versions to the social networks, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Visit: http://225th.sandeman.com


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#youcanchange with Fruut

Fruut released a new healthy snack showcasing it on a video that was created to promote a healthier food lifestyle.

The new Fruut snacks have many flavors, green apple, rocha’s pear, sweet apple, among others. They are placed in the market with one certainty: contribute for a better and healthier food habits to promote a more balanced future.

With the motto #podesmudar (you can change) the actress Ana Rita Clara was the face and voice of this campaign, with the creative signature of the agency Bazooka.

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“The impossible takes just a little more time” is the motto to a inspirational short-film where we invite the viewer to dream the future and live it in the present.

Directed by Victor Santos and narrated by Alfredo Brito, this campaign was released on many social networks, specially on Facebook.



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“A city called Porto” – from test to award

Victor Santos and Nuno Rocha directors and creators of FilmesDaMente were invited in 2011 to test the Sony PMW F-3 camera. They decided to test it showcasing Porto city.

On a foggy day, without any enacting, they filmed Porto in its natural state. Tourists, street venders and even the street sweepers, everything fits in this video that without any color correction (unless the one generated by the camera) was distinguished with the “Award for the Tourism-Related Commercial” at the 15º International Film Festival Document Art in Romania.

The video intends to showcase 24 hours in Porto, winning the second place on the Portivity Awards promoted by the Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários on the category “A Cidade com Vida”.

In 2013 won the award for Best Touristic Film (private sector) on the Festival Art & Tur.


P3 – Público
Turismo do Porto, Portal Oficial

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“Life’s Good” with Momentos

This short-film was developed to LG Portugal with the concept “Life’s Good” and represents a very special moment of a homeless man’s life.

A homeless man lives in front of a empty store when suddenly a van stops and two strange men start to load TVs and turning them on at the store window.

The homeless man watches everything trying to understand what’s going on, and ends up being surprised by what’s happening.

Screen-written by Nuno Rocha and Victor Santos and directed by Nuno Rocha, this short-film was awarded in 2011 with the Audience Award at the Opuze Film Festival in Croatia.

In 2012 won the Best Director Award at the Soul 4 Reel Film Festival in California. However this were not the only awards the short-film got, still in 2012 won the second place at the Forster Film Festival in Australia, and the Bronze Bear Award at the 40th Festival of Nations in Ebensee, Austria.

This short-film became viral getting 2 million views.


LG Portugal
Filmes Portugueses

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True love, true fiction

Written and filmed in Austin, Texas, this is one of the most awarded short-films of FilmesDaMente and the director Nuno Rocha.

A 13 minutes short-film tells a story of three screenwriters in a coffeeshop brainstorming an idea for a movie: a love story between a girl (Vicky) and a boy (Sam).

At some point the fiction blends with reality, or is it the opposite?

This short-film was exhibited in more than 85 festivals all over the world winning 24 awards.


Zacuto review
Arte Factos (entrevista)

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A basketball hoop, a ball, a problem!

This short-film called 3×3 was directed by Nuno Rocha starring João Marçal as the janitor and Ricardo Azevedo as the night security guard.

The mischievousness between the two characters unfolds on the basketball field.

The janitor that cleans the basketball field is challenged by the night security guard that can easily hit the ball in the basketball hoop. After multiples attempts without success, the janitor makes a decision to try solving the problem and overcome the challenge.

This short-film participated in 140 festivals and won 14 awards, among others, the great award in Zon Creativity in 2009.

In 2010 won the Best Director Award at the 24th Hamedan Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults in Iran.

In May of 2012 this short-film won Best Actor Award at the Festival do Audiovisual Afro Brasileiro, and in Russia on the same year won the Flying Elephant Award at the Vinnitsianskogo Festival.

This short-film continued to win awards over the years and in 2013 won the Audience Award at the Schermi Irregolari Festival di Cortometraggi in Italy.

In 2014 won in the same category (Audience Award) at the Wbyo Dreams Film Festival in the United States of America, followed by many other awards.

Fun Fact: In 2016, 3×3 became famous on the popular website 9gag, that used it has an incentive to young engineers saying “Never mess with engineers”.

Portal IIP
Rua de Baixo

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