Saturday Creative Talks

Saturday Creative Talks were developed with the purpose of sharing with the public the knowledge of the different areas of the audiovisual.
In a relaxed atmosphere, the first informal talk took place in Filmesdamente Studio, on November 10, 2018, with the prestigious actor Nuno Lopes.

More editions will be made during the months of January and February, with confirmations from Eddy Joseph, Jorge Pelicano and Gareth Wiley.

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Michelin Power Transmission

Michelin is one of the largest manufacturers of tyres and mobility products.
In this video we focus on the new distribution belts where endurance, performance and safety are the most important characteristics to highlight.
Each one of these characteristics is represented by three athletes of three different sports.

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Love Story by PPS

Fomos desafiados pela empresa líder de arquitetura e design de interiores, Pilar Paiva de Sousa, para produzirmos a curta-metragem “Love Story” by PPS.

Filmada no prestigiado Mont Royal Chateau Hotel, esta curta-metragem tem assinatura do realizador Nuno Rocha.

Love Story conta a história de dois desconhecidos que ao chocarem no corredor do hotel em que se encontram, trocam acidentalmente as chaves dos seus quartos. Será que o cenário romântico é o suficiente para que exista uma história de amor?

Um projeto que conta com vários prémios internacionais.

Vencedor edição de Julho de 2018 dos SHORT TO THE POINT Awards, Roménia, na categoria Mini Short.
Vencedor Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival, N.I., EUA.
Prémio Platina Hermes Creative Awards, Dallas, EUA.
Prémio Platina Digital Communication Awards, Dallas, EUA.

Recentemente a curta-metragem foi ainda selecionada para o ART&TUR Internacional Tourism Film Festival.

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Solero. The Coolest Fruit.

In our most recent work, we produced the summer campaign for the brand Olá to present the new Solero ice creams.

With the creativity of the agency Fullsix and directed by Nuno Rocha, this story has the actors Micaela Morgado and Eduardo Breda as protagonists and it’s narrated by Miguel Guilherme.

In this movie we see the daily life of Tomás, the owner of a neighborhood fruit-shop, loved by his regular costumers, but his routine is changed with the arrival of the new Solero’s fruit ice cream.

The commercial is currently shown on all portuguese TV channel and on the web.

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Zippy – Spring/Summer

Zippy released the new Spring/Summer collection and we produced once again the tv and web commercial that will be available soon.

On this campaign the creativity is from the agency Born and it’s a commercial full of energy, color and imagination, showcasing the clothes with the new patterns for this season.

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Portugal Sou Eu

“Portugal It’s Me” it’s a program that promotes national production and consumption of portuguese products or services.

We produced their Christmas TV campaign with the creativity from the agency OPAL. The motto for this commercial is “Believing in Portugal starts with me” and the goal is to encourage portuguese people to buy national Christmas presents with Portugal Sou Eu label.

Watch the making-of where.




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