225 Years Sandeman

This production was filmed on the cellars of this prestigious wine brand to celebrate their 225th birthday.

This “time travel” was told in six different parts by George Sandeman, the 7º descendent of the founder.


Noiserv is the name of the project created by the musician David Santos. This short-documentary shows a day in this musician life preparing for a concert.

Produced for 180 Channel. Director: Nuno Rocha

Linda Martini

Linda Martini is a rock band from Lisboa whose first album with the same name was released in 2006. This short-documentary shows an intimate look on each one of the band members before a big concert.

Produced for 180 Channel. Director: Carlos Amaral

Dealema Arte de Viver

Dealema is one of the oldest portuguese hip-hop groups, formed in the 90s, with members from Gaia and Porto. “Dealema Arte de Viver” talks about the past, present and future of Mundo, Maze, DJ Guze, Ex-Peão and Fuse.

Produced for 180 Channel. Director: Vasco Mendes

Frankie Chavez

“Frankie do you have any ideas for your documentary?” With this question the director Jorge Pelicano gives the motto to this documentary. Wandering through the various suggested ideas, we get to know a little more about Frankie’s career.

Produced for 180 Channel. Director: Jorge Pelicano


Justino is a poor man who lives alone in the middle of nowhere near a small portuguese town. The only company he wants is a television, to afford it he decides to cause forestal fires for money.

Director: Carlos Amaral

23rd Frame

A photographer observes a set of film negatives that he just shoot. Looking through the photographs he also looks at an instant of someone’s life, a “frame” that tells a story.

Director: Victor Santos



On a sunny afternoon four friends play soccer. Between dreams and games the ball goes to a house where an old lonely man lives. The retrieval of the ball becomes an adventure.

Director: Victor Santos

Política de Dados