Our services include production planning, travel and transport, accommodation, crewing, casting, catering, equipment rentals, location scouting, permits, studio rentals, SFX/Consultants, post-production, sound stages, color grading and motion-graphics 2D/3D.

Our clients can rely on our ability to find creative solutions, budget flexibility, and our speed and efficiency on deadlines.


Porto - European Best Destination 2017


Portugal has the perfect conditions for a film production. lt encompasses a little of everything: splendid beaches, mountains covered with snow in the winter, palaces and castles which can be seen from parks and nature reserves that were granted World Heritage by UNESCO. The country has a large amount of villages that contrast with the cosmopolitan cities mixing history and traditions, having a multicultural population which is a great casting resource.

With 3.000hours of sunshine per year, Portugal is one of Europe’s most balanced climate. lhe film season never really ends making it the best country to find sunny days, fresh green locations and warm temperatures, even in winter. Due to its unique geography, you can find an amazing variety of locations in an incredibly short distance range, allowing crews to move faster optimizing time and saving money.

Hospitality is one of the best qualities of the Portuguese people, where you can find welcoming and loving people that can fluently speak various languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Here you can find hard-working and professional crews on every department and the latest and most up-to-date choice of equipments.

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